A downloadable game for Windows

The Devil is the Detail is a game that I made on my own with the Unity engine for the 2016 Chillennium Game Jam where the theme was "Foofaraw".

Developer: Nicholas Boen - CS Masters Student

A quick warning: The game may come off as disconcerting and really is not meant to be played comfortably. There is some harsh language, but nothing graphic or lewd.

The game itself is meant to stand on it's own with little to no description. As for how well it can do this I'm unsure. I was able to get some feedback from play testers at the game jam, but the sample size was small and being solo I was working down to the wire on everything that I wanted. That being said, the Devlog would technically be a spoiler for what the game is about so I would urge you to play it, see what you think before continuing. The Devlog (linked below) will also cover my thought process and what's going on behind the scenes of the game, so it'll likely be pretty lengthy. Also please don't hesitate to drop a comment if you've got the time!

Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Published with Unity for Windows, it should be a pretty straight forward download/install/run. The only hardware required is a mouse and headphones.

There was a bit of an issue with publishing where the editor resolution did not match the published resolution. This resulted in my rushing to move all of the assets to within the bounds of the new viewport. This shouldn't cause any problems, though the game itself may not perfectly match my screen shots and might be a bit more "scrunched".

If there are any problems with the resolution (or anything else for that matter) don't hesitate to drop a comment below.

Thanks for playing!


Devil_Is_Detail.zip 19 MB

Development log