A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Controls are:

Up,Down,Left,Right arrows for movement

'd' key for a fast roll

A game that we made for the 2016 2nd Annual K-State Invitational Game Jam. The theme was "Diabetes Self-Management" which we decided to approach from the perspective of a small child suffering from a diabetic comma. The idea of our game was to take the complexities of managing diabetes in an everyday life and express that from the perspective of a child. Because of this information is not given directly to you and everything is abstracted.The concept that you have these properties, which have dramatic (often negative if mismanaged) effects, is still present in a child like setting of Hansel and Gretel.

We wanted to expand on this further and push more seemingly innocuous things into a harsher and darker reality overall. Our goal was to couple this with solid movement and "combat" mechanics to challenge the player and motivate the theme. "Combat" because we considered it a much better reward to the player to solve these challenges without the use of violence. As these would likely be child-like themes it also made sense that another emergent theme would be helplessness to some degree, and to force the player to deal with that helplessness.

Unfortunately we didn't have the time to complete all of the themes that we had wanted, like hitting harder on the effects of insulin and the combination of hunger met with carbs and insulin. The first level is very rough and the rest of the game has yet to be implemented, we lost a lot of time finding a good and solid idea and despite some sleepless nights were left with little time to actually implement.


Nick Boen

Jake Ehrlich

Andy Gregoire

Install instructions

You'll need to install the love2D framework which you can get right here. It's pretty light weight and runs with lua.

For Windows you can click the included shell script to open and play.

For Mac you'll need to run the make.sh file first.


Comatose.zip 13 MB

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